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Special Events

A Thankyou for the Macmillam Coffee Morning held in September

It’s not every day your WI President gets married!

Congratulations Angela and Clive for your special event which took place on 24 May 2018 and was kept secret from everyone until 23 June 2018!

Yes the Cake was delicious!

17 May Curtain Up and Supper

Angela, Dot, Eileen and Liz had a very enjoyable evening at Barton Village Hall seeing ‘The Proof of the Pudding’ and ‘The Untold Story’ Presented by The Federation Players.
After enjoying a supper of Quiche with very tasty Salads followed by Fruit Gateaux and Cream we settled down to watch the two amusing plays.
Sadly, this was probably their last performance as they are having difficulty in recruiting new members not only to perform but also for ‘behind the scenes’ assistance.

04 May – Acrylic Painting Day School – with Teresa Gabriel

Teresa Gabriel demonstrated how Acrylic Paint can be used opaquely, in a transparent watercolour style, in a thick impasto style normally associated with oils
and by applying Gesso to the paper giving a textured surface. We then proceeded to paint a Sunflower in 4 different sections to reflect the style being used.
Not sure if the finished paintings could rival Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’!

10 Pin Bowling

A group of ten met up in the bowling alley at Cambridge Leisure Centre on Tuesday 1st May.
“Half price Tuesday” meant that we paid for games and drinks at a reduced rate.
Finely -honed athletes, we were raring to go!
Everything is automated so there was none of the complicated calculation on tiny score cards we
remembered from out teenage years. We divided into two teams and played two
games against each other, with honours even at a win each.
We demonstrated a range of bowling styles, from the sedate to the more flamboyant, and, in Angela’s case,
the positively dangerous! All the lifting and stretching meant you really felt you’d exercised thoroughly by the end of play.
Out in the sunshine again we chose Mexican themed Chiquita’s from a range of restaurants and lingered
over a good meal in good company. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the outing and wanted to repeat it.
Perhaps more members and friends would like to join us for a replay, and there is room – and entertainment! – for spectators.